The company Recinua specializes in the sale of electronic components. The catalog presents various electrical connectors produced in the CIS countries and others. The site offers to familiarize yourself with a wide selection and buy connectors for wires. It will also be possible to select suitable radio components and order them using a convenient order form.

Assortment of electrical products

If you need to buy connectors in Ukraine, you are invited to use the site, which presents branded products from various leading manufacturers, which have long been in demand from consumers. The quality of the presented radio components conforms to the established standards, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Among the entire range will be able to pick up the necessary products.

2RM and 2RMT

Manual connectors have a cylindrical shape and are designed for internal surround installation. They are used when connecting circuits with a load of up to 700 V and a current of not more than 260A. The connectors can be from 4 to 50 contacts, which are placed in a carbolite base and metal housing. On the Internet, when placing an order, you will need to specify the type of case, which can be block or cable.

2RMD and 2RMDT

Contact plugs are offered to be bought for use in chains of constant and variable installation. They are intended for indoor installation. Feature of radio components is high performance and reliability, so that they can be used for various equipment.

2RMG and 2RMGD

The elements of manual connection, characterized by a highly hermetic cylindrical body. They are intended for use in systems whose voltage does not exceed 700V. Up to 50 contacts located in a carbolite base can be provided in the construction.


Sealed connectors used in AC, DC and pulse current circuits. A special feature of the connectors is the nickel coating of the contacts, the threaded connection method and the hermetic construction.

SUNKYE connectors

The unique products presented on the website are connectors made in China, which are distinguished by high accuracy, reliability and increased performance. These qualities allow components to be used in various systems, including military, medical and aeronautical engineering. And an affordable price makes SUNKYE competitive in the market of radio electronics.

A wide range of products on the site Recinua

The catalog will be able to pick up and buy power connectors, as well as other radio components. Orders are delivered to different countries of the world as soon as possible. Delivery is carried out to the client in the most convenient way. And if necessary, site managers will provide expert assistance in the selection of connectors and other electronic components.