Connectors 2RMD and 2RMDT

Connectors 2RMD And 2RMDT

Circular connectors 2RMD and 2RMDT are used for internal surround installation. They are used when connecting circuits with a current up to 260A and a voltage not exceeding 700V. The presented designs, based on the size, are equipped with 4 - 50 contacts installed in a carbolite base with a metal body. Contacts can be covered with gold or silver, which allows to obtain high accuracy of signal transmission.

When ordering connectors you will need to consider that different types of housing are offered: block and cable. The cable component of the connector is straight and angular, and the fixation of the structure can be done by threading the nut and body. Connectors are manufactured for installation using shielded and unshielded cables.

Connectors are suitable for use in DC and AC circuits. They are designed for indoor installation, suitable for use in different climatic conditions. Connectors differ in pin assignment and are not interlinkable.

The features of the 2RMD and 2RMDT connectors are high performance and reliability, which allows them to be used for various electronic and electronic devices.