In modern life, such a simple thing as cable is of paramount importance. At the moment it is difficult to do without cable products, as you will need to buy a cable for various equipment. They are used for lighting systems, communications, video surveillance and various types of equipment. To ensure smooth and reliable operation, certain types of products are required. The site directory will be able to find high-quality products at an affordable price that meets established standards.


Airborne wires are characterized by resistance to mechanical stress, shock, vibration, atmospheric pressure drops. The design of the cable has a cotton sheath. The site will succeed at a bargain price to buy a cable characterized by high reliability.

Purpose and design features

Cables are used for fixed installation of electrical networks in aircraft. The life of the product is 15 years. The wire construction includes the following elements:
copper tinned vein, wires are covered with tin, which helps protect them from corrosion;
polyvinyl chloride insulation;
lacquered braid, which is a cotton yarn with synthetic threads.
Electric wire will be able to buy with the presence in the design of the screen, as evidenced by the letter "e" in the labeling.

PTL-200 and PTLe-200

The company supplies low-voltage wires used to create on-board electrical systems in various lethal units. They can be used for objects whose temperature is in the range from -60 to +200 degrees Celsius.
Design and technical features
PTL - electric cable is offered to be bought in a sheath of glass filaments, coated with organic silicon varnish. It does not allow the release of glass dust, which adversely affects the respiratory system of a person. For wires of type PTLe, a braid of tinned copper wires, which act as a shield and protects the cable from external electromagnetic influences, is provided over the glass fiber.
Conductors differ resistance to:

  • vibration frequency up to 1000 Hz;
  • shocks with acceleration up to 35 m / s squared;
  • cyclic temperature drops;
  • reduced atmospheric pressure.

Buy cable products at a bargain price

If you want to buy a cable in Ukraine, you will be able to do it right on the site by filling out an online form or make a purchase by phone, specifying the availability of the required footage. Also on the site are various radio components that are in large quantities in the company's warehouse. Thanks to this, the delivery of goods to the customer is carried out as soon as possible.