Wire PTL-200, PTLe-200

Wire PTL-200, PTLe-200

PTL 200 wire with a cross-section of 0.5 is used for fixed network installation, and are suitable for use in aviation. The cable is characterized by high wear resistance, as well as increased resistance to vibration, shock or linear loads.

The wire has one core, the cross section of which is 0.5 square meters. mm The maximum outer diameter is 2.1 mm. The insulation in the cable is made of fluoroplastic, due to which it becomes possible to use it at a temperature of 200.

Buy a cable that can withstand the effects of reduced atmospheric pressure up to 2 kPa, as well as moisture and mold are offered in the catalog of our store. You can make a purchase by phone, specifying the availability of the required footage or placing an order through a special form offered on the site.

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