Electronic components and components include a group of radio components used in the creation and repair of equipment. This category of goods includes various items that are classified according to the method of operation in the electrical network. Advanced catalog of positions allows you to pick up all the necessary components.


The category includes diodes, which are semiconductors capable of conducting current only in a single direction. They are made of silicon, and their design provides two exits and one electric junction. The electronic component store offers parts that differ in the following parameters:

  • appointment;
  • transition size;
  • constructive execution;
  • frequency range.

When choosing, you will need to take into account a number of characteristics. These are primarily the reverse maximum voltage, which he can withstand when turned on in the opposite direction. Maximum forward current, indicating the amount of current that can flow through the diode in the forward direction. Maximum frequency, above which the diode is not working properly.


Buy passive electronic components on the Internet is offered on the site The catalog contains the following products:

  • resistors;
  • capacitors.

Resistors are called radio components, with the help of which the current is redistributed between the components of the chip. They are classified by purpose, resistance and current-voltage characteristic.

Capacitors are devices that carry out the accumulation of electric current and its further return. Their design includes several electrodes, which are separated by dielectrics. They are classified by the type of dielectric.


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