A diode is a radio component with two electrodes, the main feature of which is one-sided conductivity. The electrode connected to the positive part of the product is called the anode, to the negative - the cathode. When a direct voltage is applied to an electrical circuit, it remains in an open state, and therefore the current flows unhindered. If reverse voltage has been applied, the device remains closed. The reverse current in the system is present, but it is so small that it equals zero.


Before you buy suitable diodes, you need to familiarize yourself with their design features, which will determine the principle of operation. The structure of the part is made of two layers with different types of conductivity.

The diode includes certain elements:

  • The case made in the form of a vacuum cylinder. For its manufacture can be used metal, ceramics, glass and other durable materials.
  • The cathode is located inside the cylinder, it is required to obtain the emission of electrons. The simplest device is considered to be a thin thread, which is heated in the process. The presented diodes are complemented by indirectly glowing electrodes, for the manufacture of which metal cylinders with the properties of the active layer are used.
  • Heater is a special element that is heated by electric current. It is located inside the cathode.
  • An anode is required to receive electrons emitted from the cathode. It has a positive charge and is usually performed in a cylindrical form.
  • A crystal made of germanium or silicon, divided into two parts, p-type and n-type.


Based on different features and configuration, the price of the diode also depends. Based on various parameters, radio components can be grouped according to certain criteria.


Parts are available that can be divided into semiconductor and vacuum.


Depending on the configuration of the transition of a semiconductor diode, they can be divided into two groups: point and plane. By the method of manufacturing the transition, they are divided into epitaxial and diffusion-fused.


Before you buy high-power diodes, you will need to familiarize yourself with their functions, which are performed in various electronic circuits. All products presented in the catalog can be divided into two groups: rectifier and special.


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