Capacitors are among the most common radio components that are used in all electrical circuits. Their main purpose is the separation of variable and constant components, as well as interference suppression. The principle of the radio component is based on the accumulation of electric charge of various sizes. The items in the company directory can vary in the following parameters:

  • type of dielectric;
  • plate material;
  • scope of use.

At the moment, manufacturers offer a huge number of different capacitors.

Main characteristics

Before you buy a capacitor to run, you will need to choose the appropriate option, focusing on two basic parameters: capacity and operating voltage. Also, components may vary in body shape, geometric parameters. For certain types, it will also be necessary to take into account the dependence of capacity on temperature, which is represented by the temperature coefficient of capacity.

Buy in Ukraine capacitors succeed polar and non-polar. Most of the products presented are of the second type, that is, they do not allow the connection of any output. Polar electrolytic capacitors are called, among which can also be found non-polar.

Recinua range of capacitors

The company supplies radio components from different manufacturers, thanks to which it is possible to offer its customers the widest choice of products of various varieties.


A feature of this type is a dielectric, represented by a layer of oxide formed by the interaction of an electrolyte in a foil. It is characterized by high specific capacity and small size. They work exclusively when connected in the correct polarity.


Capacitors are characterized by the same advantages as electrolytic, but they are less sensitive to polarity. In addition, they are characterized by a long service life. The high reliability of the elements makes it possible to use them for the military industry and other important objects. The disadvantage is the high cost.


The main advantage of the product is the possibility of using at high frequencies and small dimensions. The capacitance of the capacitor is small, and their use will need to take into account the temperature coefficient of the capacitance.


This type has a small size and capacity, and can be used for high voltages. Usually they are used in sound and computer equipment, as well as in power supplies.

The company’s website will be able to select all the necessary REC products. Only quality components from leading manufacturers are sold, so you can be confident in the reliability and durability of parts. And the presence in the warehouse of the company of most of the presented items will allow for delivery as soon as possible.