Resistors are used to limit the current in a given part of an electrical circuit, which may include a number of other radio components and integrated circuits. All elements of the circuit need to supply a certain voltage and compliance with the current mode, which can only be achieved using a resistor. The main parameter of the component is the resistance, and the resistor belongs to the passive element. Its resistance remains unchanged in DC, AC, pulsating current circuits, and depends only slightly on temperature.

Features of the choice of resistor power

If you need to buy a powerful resistor, you need to take into account not only its main characteristic - resistance, but also the power dissipation. During the flow through the current resistor, it heats up. It is the amount of heat generated and is the power of the radio component. The catalog includes a choice of components with power from 0.125W to 2W. In addition, before purchasing parts you will need to consider two more parameters:

  • maximum operating voltage;
  • operating temperature

Color coding

Before you buy resistors on the Internet you will need to familiarize yourself with their technical parameters. All radio components are marked in the form of colored dots or rings, the combination of which is called a color code. Each color corresponds to a specific digital value. Color marking on resistors is located closer to one of the conclusions and is read from left to right. In the case when there is no possibility of marking at one exit, the first bar is wider than the others. sells radio components, which are often labeled with 4 color rings. The first three are determined by the value of resistance, and the last is a valid value in percentage.

The range of resistors on the site Recinua

If you need to buy resistors in Ukraine, you can use the company's catalogs, presented in the appropriate section of the Internet portal. Most often, when printed circuitry, output resistors are used. This name is due to the presence of two flexible terminals, which are placed in the holes on the board. Also in the store of resistors, variable resistors (potentiometers) used for various voltage and volume controllers are offered to buy. When buying, you will be able to choose a product that is suitable for power, shape, size of the case.

Supplies of resistors are carried out in a short time, and therefore it will be easy to select the necessary radio components from the presented range and buy them at competitive prices. Ordering is possible online or by phone. Prompt delivery of products across Ukraine is made, shipment is made by any convenient carrier for the client.