ShR and SShR sockets are cylindrical connectors intended for use in general electronic and electronic devices. Based on the size, they are able to have up to 50 contacts placed in a carbolite base in a metal or plastic case. The diameters of the contacts of the SSR are 2.5 mm. The connectors are mounted using a shielded cable.

Features of connectors:

  • threaded connection method;
  • climatic modification of UHL;
  • contacts are silver or nickel plated;
  • soldering installation.

The connector is used in AC and DC systems. When choosing connectors, it must be borne in mind that they differ in the type of case, which is block and cable. The design provides a branch pipe for connecting a cable, which can be straight and angular.

The main advantage of the presented connectors is their increased reliability and high quality, which ensures a long service life of the structure. Therefore, the connectors are suitable for use in various equipment, where the requirements for performance and accuracy are increased.