Connectors 2PT-A and 2RTT

Connectors 2RT-A and 2RTT are used in AC and DC systems, suitable for installation in circuits with a voltage not exceeding 700V. They are cylindrical connectors that are fitted with contacts located on an insulated base and installed in a metal housing. The electrical leads are plated with gold or silver, thereby increasing the electrical conductivity.

Cylindrical connectors for indoor installation in AC, DC systems have been used. They are widely used in various fields of the electronics industry for installation in various electrical equipment.

The connectors are offered in a leaky, sealed design, and depending on the type of connector, the wire can be connected by fixing it with screws on the block part of the structure.

When ordering connectors, it is necessary to take into account that the housing of the design can be cable and block. In the first version, a union nut is provided with an internal thread used when connecting to a block connector. There is an external thread in the block connector, there are also four holes with which the connectors are attached to the device.