Connectors 2RM, 2RMT


The connectors are designed for use in radio engineering and electronic equipment as general purpose connectors. They consist of a housing, contacts, an insulator, block elements, in which nuts for shielded / unshielded wire are provided.

Design features

The 2PM and 2PMT connectors are made with the number of contacts from 4 to 50, which are placed on a carbolite base and are enclosed in a metal case. Distinctive features of connectors are as follows:

  • threaded connection type;
  • climatic modification In;
  • silver and gold plated contacts;
  • installation using crimp.

When ordering connectors you will need to consider that they are offered in different block-type and cable-type packages. Marking "B" indicates a block body, which is mounted on the panel. Another type of housing is denoted by the letter "K" and is straight or angular.

The connectors are used in AC and DC circuits with a voltage of 560/700 V. They are presented in three types:

  1. unpressurized, made of unpressurized elements - plugs and sockets, the body of which can be block or cable;
  2. sealed, which have block plugs designed to be connected to unsealed cable sockets;
  3. highly hermetic are similar to the previous type.

The main advantage of the connectors is high quality, allowing them to be used in various equipment. They are widely used not only in household appliances, but also in military equipment, where demands in performance and reliability are increased.