SUNKYE Space connectors grade micro D connector

SUNKYE Space grade micro D connector

SUNKYE has designed connectors suitable for use in the aerospace industry. They are certified products that can be used in spacecraft and satellites. Presented connectors are made strictly in accordance with the established requirements.

Product Features

The presented devices are distinguished by high connective properties, which makes it possible to achieve reliable operation during operation and during launch. Increased performance, resistance to vibration and mechanical stress makes connectors ideal for use in space technology.

All connectors are made of specialized materials using modern high-precision equipment, so that they meet the established standards and are distinguished by a long service life.


Plug connectors are used when connecting printed circuit boards and cables. To obtain a right angle on the printed circuit boards there are two versions FA and FB. In the first, the number of contacts can vary from 9 to 51, in the second variant from 9 to 100. The distance between the contacts is 1.27 mm, while between the rows is only 1.1 mm. Thanks to this, it was possible to use connectors in various orbital and space devices.