Socket RS7BTV with casing

Socket RS7BTV with casing

PC cylindrical connectors are used in DC, AC and impulse current circuits. Its main advantages are its small size and light weight, which made them widespread for electromechanical connections.

Cylindrical manual connectors for internal volumetric mounting. Suitable for installation in circuits with a load of up to 75 A and a voltage of no more than 200 V.

To order a PC connector, you will need to determine the version according to the type of housing. It can be divided with or without a casing, according to the type of connection there is a plug or socket. The polarization of the connector housing is one-key.

The guaranteed shelf life is 25 years, which is confirmed by the appropriate quality certificates.

The explanation of the marking is presented in the section “Technical characteristics”. The connectors are made in accordance with the established standards, and the reliability of the product has been proven by time - a guaranteed operating time of 1000 hours.

Operating conditions:

Ambient temperature - from + 85 ° С to -60 ° С.
Atmospheric working low pressure - 1.3 · 10-4 Pa (10-6 mm Hg).

Sinusoidal vibration:

- frequency range - from 1 Hz to 5000 Hz;
- amplitude of acceleration - 147 m / s2.

Acceleration of mechanical shock:

- single action - 5000 m / s2;
- repeated action - 500 m / s2.

A sample of a connector, a leaky socket RS7BTV with a casing, is shown in the photo.

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