The connector SSHR60U50NSH3 is used in electric circuits of alternating and direct current. It is used in electronic and radio devices, acting as general-purpose connectors.

SSR low frequency cylindrical connectors. They are used for installation in circuits with a frequency of up to 3 MHz.

Two types of radio components are presented: plug and socket. They are block and cable. The block part happens with a rotary or angular branch pipe, execution without branch pipe is possible. The cable part may have a straight or angled branch pipe.

The connectors are airtight, connected to plugs (sockets) SSHRG or 2RTT, made in accordance with the technical conditions of GE0.364.120TU.

The surface of the contacts is coated with silver. This is done in order to increase the strength and reliability of the radio components. Products can be used to work at temperatures from -60 to +60 degrees. There is also a nickel plated series. They are resistant to temperature conditions from -60 to +120.

The decoding of the connector markings is given in the “Technical Specifications” section. These connectors are made to established standards. Their reliability has been tested for years of work.

Terms of Use:

  • Sinusoidal vibration: frequency range, Hz 1-5000, acceleration amplitude, m / s² (g) 300 (30)
  • Repeated mechanical shock: peak shock acceleration, m / s² (g) 350 (35)
  • Mechanical shock single action: peak shock acceleration, m / s² (g) 5000 (500)
  • Linear acceleration, m / s² (g) 2000 (200)
  • Ambient temperature, ° С from minus 60 to plus 60
  • Temperature change, ° С from minus 60 to plus 110
  • Atmospheric reduced working pressure, Pa (mmHg) 1.3 * 10-4 (10-6)

Sample SSHR60U50NSH3 you can see in the photo.

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