Socket SHR60U45NG2 cable plug is intended for use in AC and DC electric circuits.

The connectors are made of two parts: plug and socket.They сan be block or cable. The block part of the product can be with a straight or angledtube; variations without a tube are also possible. Block (instrument) connectors withscrews are fixed to the product. It is important to know that a cable plug / socket can onlybe coupled with a block  instrument) plug / socket. For example, SHR12P1NG2 cable plug connects to SHR12PK1NG2 socket (block, instrument), etc.

Cable ShR plug cannot connect to a cable ShR socket.


Connectors are used for electronic equipment for various purposes. Shielded and unshielded cable is used for their installation. The design contains up to 50 contacts, the diameter of which can be from 1.5 mm up to 9.0 mm. SHR60U45NG2 has a combination of contacts 1 = 1.5 mm. Their surface is coated with silver, increasing the reliability and quality of the radio components. The temperature operating mode, according to the standard ОСТ V 11 0121-91 / GЕО.364.107 ТU, is - ambient temperature, ° С from minus 60 to plus 60.

Also, the SR connector series is available in nickel surface. For example, SHR60U45NG2N cable plug. It is more resistant to temperature conditions, ° C from minus 60 to plus 120. Weight SHR60U45NG2 cable plug does not exceed 30 grams. According to GEO .364.107 TU, the resistance for the SHR, depending on the diameter:

  • 1.5 mm - not more than 2.5 mOhm;
  • 2.5 mm - not more than 1.0 mOhm;
  • 3.5 mm - not more than 0.75 mOhm;
  • 5.5 mm - not more than 0.3 mOhm;
  • 9.0 mm - not more than 0.15 mOhm.

The decoding of the connector markings is given in the “Technical Specifications” section. These connectors are made to established standards. Their reliability has been verified over the years.

Sample SHR60U45NG2 you can see in the photo.

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