Connector 2RTT20BPE3G5V cable socket

Connector 2RTT20BPE3G5V cable socket

You are on a website that specializes in the supply of various connectors. Here you can buy connector 2RTT20BPE3G5V cable socket (Соединитель 2РТТ20БПЭ3Г5В розетка кабельная). A series of 2RTT connectors are designed for installation in AC and DC circuits, circuit frequency 3 MHz. Circuit voltage 850V.

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We supply connectors of the 2RTT type both in Ukraine and abroad. We sell new connectors, as well as from a warehouse in storage.

Connector 2RTT20BPE3G5V cable socket is produced according to:

  • Fork 2RTT20BPE3SH5V GE0.364.120TU
  • Socket 2RTT20BPE3G5V GE0.364.120TU

The diameter of the contacts is 1.5; 2.5; 3.5; 5.5; 9 mm.

2RTT connectors have a silver coating, which allows the product to operate at temperatures from -60 ° C to + 180 ° C.

The 2RTT connectors are interconnected with the ShR and 2RT-A connectors.

When ordering a connector, you must specify the plug or socket. You can see a sample of the product in the photo.

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