Connectors 2RMGP designed for connecting electrical circuits. This connector differs from imported counterparts for its superior reliability. Resistant to different types of effects.
Divided into the following types:

  • 2RMG, 2RMGD - hermetic,
  • 2RMGP, 2RMGPD - hermetic through passage.

Sealed 2RMGP, 2RMGPD plugs are used to connect alternating (frequency up to 3 MHz), direct and impulse currents in electric circuits. The connector is produced with a straight pipe for connecting to the cable. The cable can be shielded and not shielded.

The 2RMGP connector is suitable for connection to a 2RMT socket. The 2RMGD connector fits into a 2RMDT outlet.

The 2RMGP connectors are connected to the 2RMT, produced according to the technical requirements of GEO.364.126TU. Attach connectors with a strong and reliable thread. As for the polarization - it is single-key.

The connector is made for internal installation according to GEO.364.140TU, for operation in areas with cold and temperate climate "UHL".

The diameter of the contact parts is 1, 1.5, 2, 3 mm and, accordingly, the resistance becomes: 15, 10, 5, 3 mΩ. The impedance of the insulation coating is 5,000 mΩ. The number of connections and disconnections of contacts should not exceed 500 times.

When used on connectors can affect such factors:

  • sinusoidal vibration with a frequency interval from 5 to 5 000 Hz,
  • acceleration of 500 m / s2 (50 g),
  • automatic push of a single impact with an acceleration of 5 000 m / s2 (500 g),
  • multiple impacts with an acceleration of 1000 m / s2 (100 g),
  • increase in temperature indicators of the environment of use to + 200 ° C,
  • lowering the temperature to -60 ° C,
  • low air pressure of 1.3x10-10Pa (10-12 mm. Hg. Art.).

You can store forks up to 25 years. Therefore, it is possible to purchase from us both forks from storage and new ones from the manufacturer. "With storage" connectors are sold at a price lower than buying a new one. We do sales in Ukraine. We also make deliveries abroad.

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