Connector 2RMD39BPE22SH5A1, 2RMDT39BPE22SH5A1V

Connector 2RMD39BPE22SH5A1, 2RMDT39BPE22SH5A1V


On the site specializing in the REC of products are presented connectors 2RMD39BPE22SH5A1 or 2RMDT39BPE22SH5A1V.

A feature of the connectors of this series is the possibility of using in AC and DC circuits with a voltage in the range of 560-700V.

Connectors of type 2RMD and 2RMDT are widely used in various electrical engineering, and the high accuracy of the products allows them to be used in military equipment. The products are made in accordance with the technical specifications GE0.364.126TU, which indicates an increased reliability of the product.

Our company has extensive experience in this field, and supplies not only domestically, but also abroad. Clients are offered assistance in selecting suitable connectors. In addition, the assortment of the site includes not only new connectors from the manufacturer, but also connectors previously released, which can be purchased at a low price.

Features of the 2RMD and 2RMDT connectors

The connectors are available in two versions:

  • 2RMD is available in climate version UHL and is suitable for use in cold and temperate climates;
  • 2RMDT climatic modification In, suitable for use in different climates.

When purchasing 2RMDT connectors, you will need to take into account the forks of the case, which can be block (denoted by the letter “B” and mounted on the panel) or cable (denoted by the letter “K”). The cable part of the connector may have a straight or angular shape.

The contact coating is gold and is denoted by the letter “A”. If you need to use a connector that is resistant to temperature changes, you will need to use silver-coated connectors, for example: 2RMDT39BPE22SH5V1V.

The photo shows samples of connectors, and if necessary, obtain more detailed information on the issues that have arisen, it is proposed to contact the numbers indicated in the corresponding section of the site.