On the site, which specializes in REK products, you can buy 2RM24KPE19SH1V1 or 2RMT24KPE19SH1V1V connector.

Connectors of a series 2RM and 2RMT are intended for use in networks to 560 or 700 Volts of direct or alternating current.

Our company has a great experience in the selection and supply of connectors of this type. We supply both domestic and foreign customers. We can choose for you different options for connectors. New from the manufacturer or from storage. These are the connectors that were released earlier but remained in excellent form and are much cheaper.

Please note that the connectors of this type produce a very high quality, they are used in various types of equipment, including in the military. We sell connectors made to specifications (GE0.364.126TU). They are known for the fact that the connectors of this type are used both in household and in military equipment, where the requirements for reliability are especially high.

The difference in connectors 2RM and 2RMT.

Please note that 2RM series connectors were produced until 1991-1992, later only 2RMT series products were manufactured. The main difference between these two series in climatic characteristics.

Series 2RMT resistant to high humidity 98% at 35 ° C.

Also resistant to salt fog, solar radiation, resistant to mold fungi. To the 2RM series connectors, such high demands were not made.

The connectors are made for indoor installation according to GOST V20.39.404-81, which refers to "GOST 15150-69". In two versions:

  • 2RM - for operation in areas with cold and temperate climates. UHL "UHL 2.1"
  • 2RMT - all-climate performance in “V2.1”

More information we can send you on request.

With silver-coated connectors can operate at temperatures from -60 ° C to + 180 ° C.

If you need connectors more resistant to temperature differences and more reliable in terms of service life, you can buy connectors with gold-plated contacts. This will be the connector - 2RMT24KPE19SH1A1V.

Sample connector 2RM24KPE 19SH1V1 or 2RMT24KPE 19SH1V1V you can see in the photo.

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